Welcome to my recently launched Website. I hope you’ll take an opportunity to learn more about my practice and the services I provide. Whether you ever contact me or not, please feel free to check in this blog.

I will be posting blog entries long and short. Blog postings are organized into four topic areas: (1) Older Adults, (2) Sleep Apnea, (3) Writer’s Block, and (4) Miscellaneous subjects.

Sometimes I will write at length on a topic like mindfulness meditation and how it has been found to reduce loneliness in older adults. Other entries might be a single paragraph describing some enlightening psychology-related news item or a cool video that might be of interest to you. Here’s an example of the latter:

You may have read that the rates of autism have reached epidemic proportions in the last ten years, with one in 110 children now being diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. (This is a huge and complex subject, which I won’t address here now.) I worked for several years with kids who are on the autism spectrum. Most have severe sensory sensitivities and can easily experience sensory overload and go into a meltdown. I recently came across a remarkable video that simulates what sensory overload feels like to someone on the autism spectrum, which you can view here.

Thanks again – and stay tuned.

  • There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding.
    Erik Erikson